Company description

Consignor’s vision is to have the best platform for Delivery Management, developing and hosting powerful and flexible solutions for a fast-growing number of customers worldwide.

Our software serves thousands of clients with an efficient way of administrating the shipping of goods, printing package labels and freight documents, calculating freight prices, track & trace of packages, generating statistics and reports.

Consignor’s headquarter is located in Oslo with offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, US and Romania.

Position description

The Marketing Associate will report directly to the Inbound Marketing Specialist and will be responsible for taking on a variety of tasks that allow for the successful completion of planned marketing programs.

The successful candidate will perform phone surveys, assist in the development of marketing collateral, track existing marketing campaigns and report on results, coordinate market research studies and much more.

Main Responsibilities

Inclusive of but not limited to;

  • Assist in monitoring active marketing programs and developing ways to improve those campaigns.
  • Supports the creation of promotional materials, including brochures, guides, blogs, case studies etc.
  • Generate ideas for experimental marketing programs designed to grow the company’s brand and increase lead generation.
  • Execute through external partners the translation of the content articles.
  • Be available as a resource for the senior team who need assistance with completing activities for large projects and events.
  • Conduct research on market trends, demographics, pricing strategies, and other relevant information that helps managers and directors develop the marketing master plan.
  • Analyses surveys, polls, and other market research to look for patterns and trends.
  • Deliver reports on research findings through written documents and verbal presentations.
  • Helps maintain social media accounts for the company.
  • Organise and plans the production of all major marketing materials by working closely with external production partners.
  • Helps to plan promotional events hosted by the company’s Commercial Marketing department.
  • Keeps client information confidential in line with any NDA.
  • Build lead generation suspect lists and execute engagement strategies.

Required professional qualifications

  • Degree in marketing.
  • Qualified chartered marketer.

Preferred experience

  • Degree in marketing.
  • Qualified chartered marketer.
  • SaaS/IT software marketing background
  • Good copywriting skills across multiple formats

Required personality traits and skill set

  • 2/3 years’ experience working within a marketing team, with a focus on lead generation
  • Ability to multi-task effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Must be willing to travel for offsite training and activity sessions
  • Strong communication and organizational skills


  • Consignor Maidenhead (commutable from London & M4 Corridor)

To apply and for further information about the position, please contact Niall Sullivan on


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